Jimmy and His Sons

Family is the most important aspect of our company. That's why when we do a project for your family you and your loved ones become our family and will be treated with the up most respect that we do our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers. Thank you again for reviewing our website and considering us for your next home improvement!

Jimmy Jennings


This is Jimmy A. Jennings, Owner and founder of Jennings & Sons Renovation and Construction, LLC. He is the reason family and quality is part of this company and always will be. He is big on respect and satisfaction and teaches every one of his employees those values before being put into the field of work for his company.

Richard "Tree" Lewis

Senior Vice President


This is "Tree", Jimmy's first son and he is 6'9 hence the name tree. He is the COO and he is also the head project manager who oversees all crews and projects. If you have a question during a project he his the man to see!

Jayson A. Jennings

Vice President


Jayson is Jimmy's second son and runs the clean up and demolition crew. He is also the IT for the company which means if you get an email from us He's the guy behind it.

Carmen Orgeron

Flooring and Tile Specialist

This is Carmen and she is our floor and tile specialist. She is the one that will answer all questions and run the floor and tile project crews.

Rodney Smith

Master Painter

This is Rodney and he is the Master Painter. He runs all painting and pressure washing crews and will be the guy to go to for questions for all painting projects.